Combining Content and Commerce for an Iconic Hip Hop Group

Run The Jewels - New Site + Store on Shopify 2.0

Run the Jewels has one of the most iconic brands in hip hop, so when they approached us to help revamp their site + store and update their e-commerce operations, we were incredibly excited. It doesn’t get much better than the Yankee and the Brave!

Working with the RTJ Team (who are some of the absolute best in the business), and designer Jim Pretty, we developed a state of the art e-commerce shop and website all built on the Shopify platform, so that content and commerce are combined under 1 digital roof. Combining the site and store enables enhanced SEO for content + commerce related RTJ searches, and seamlessly integrates the cart and product offerings next to content.

Shopify 2.0 Based Website Where Content Meets Commerce

We built a custom section of the site to showcase their “smoke” offerings - their unique and extraordinarily successful brand in that category, and integrated news, tour, music features, YouTube, newsletter sign ups, and of course, merchandise.

The Run The Jewels Shop

Following the launch of the site and store we worked closely with the RTJ team to launch new and unique product offerings for their die-hard audience, including custom glassware, growlers, wrapping paper, and a custom apron in collaboration with Hedley and Bennet.

Custom Run The Jewels Apron in Collaboration with Hedley & Bennet
Custom RTJ Cups + Ping Pong Balls. Who's Got Game?
Custom Run The Jewels Growlers

Custom Run The Jewels (W)rapping Paper

Custom RTJ "Cu4tro" Glass

With the high volume of products and content, we needed to make sure that the site infrastructure was optimally built to scale. We recently transitioned the site to Shopify 2.0 to expand the customization capabilities and enable unlimited custom page launches, which is incredibly important for this site given the number of custom projects and drops. Shopify 2.0 introduces new, more flexible developer tools, and an upgraded theme architecture for greater design capabilities and flexibility. Run the Jewels, one of the most cutting-edge businesses and brands in music, now has a cutting edge digital / commerce infrastructure that is built to scale.

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