Creating a new D2C Brand from Scratch

Launching a new Direct-to-Consumer Company - artPOP!

Working with the artPOP! team, Mainfactor designed, developed and formed the infrastructure for the brand new D2C company, artPOP! artPOP! offers a wide selection of bespoke and high quality art supplies.

New Site Design & Development

Working with the artPOP! team Mainfactor conceptualized, designed, and developed a cutting-edge commerce experience, built on the Shopify platform. Mainfactor implemented off-the-shelf and custom applications on the Shopify platform to customize the front-end and back-end experience for the artPOP! team, and for their consumers. Mainfactor worked with the atPOP! team to ensure the data and the technology could be managed in an efficient manner. Mainfactor implemented third party commerce integrations for artPOP! to ensure their product was feeding into the shopping ecosystems where they wanted their products to be featured, including on social commerce (Facebook and Instagram shopping).


Mainfactor built the e-commerce infrastructure for artPOP! and integrated the new shop and data feed into ChannelAdvisor. Mainfactor consulted the artPOP! team on store management, inventory, shipping and handling, customer service, merchandising, and general operations.


Following an intensive and dynamic project with many variables and complexities, artPOP! has now publicly launched one of the most comprehensive, new and vibrant art supplies companies in the world. They have a sleek new site, with the most up-to-date technology behind it.  

Check it out:

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