Launching a New Houseware Business with Creator, Ilana Muhlstein

Ilana Housewares


Ilana Muhlstein, a renowned dietitian, nutritionist, bestselling author, and mother of three, transformed her personal struggles with weight into a thriving career. Her mission is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to all. Having conquered her own weight loss journey, she founded a successful private practice in Beverly Hills and turned her philosophy into a video-based weight loss program called the 2B Mindset, and gained a massive online following. Ilana wanted to leverage her expertise to create a line of housewares that promote mindful consumption and help individuals achieve their weight loss goals.


Ilana Housewares aimed to create a line of products intentionally designed for mindful consumption, focusing on helping people eat smarter, not less. The strategy involved launching a new brand through a dedicated Shopify store and developing a range of custom houseware products from scratch. The goal was to integrate Ilana's principles of mindful eating into every aspect of these housewares in a way that would be clear to anyone in “the know” and would look like a beautiful design to anyone not following her weight loss program.

The 5-8-16 Glasses


Product Development: The team started from the ground up, carefully selecting materials and designs for sets of glasses, plates, and bowls. Collaboration with the Mainfactor design team ensured that each product aligned with Ilana's philosophy of portioning and mindful consumption.

Custom Packaging: To enhance the overall customer experience, custom packaging was designed, creating a sense of quality and reinforcing the brand's commitment to delivering a beautiful product.

Recipe Inserts: Recognizing the importance of guidance in a health-conscious journey, custom recipe inserts created by Ilana Muhlstein were included, providing customers with practical ideas for incorporating the product into their daily lives. 

Shopify Store Launch: A user-friendly Shopify store was custom designed and developed by Mainfactor to showcase the Ilana Housewares line. The website not only serves as an online store but also as a hub for sharing Ilana's insights and content.

Marketing Strategy: Leveraging Ilana's existing robust social media channels, the team engaged in a targeted marketing campaign including photoshoots, extensive video content, recipes, digital marketing and advertising, and Live Happy Hour Q&As. Email marketing campaigns further amplified the brand's reach. Mainfactor focused on one of Ilana’s goals of expanding her email list by implementing giveaway promotions and an email sign up Pop Up on the storefront.

The Breakfast Plate, The Lunch + Dinner Plates, and The Craving Crusher Bowl


The launch of Ilana Housewares exceeded expectations, with the 5-8-16 Glasses selling out within just four days, and re-stocking of the items beginning immediately due to demand. The success of Ilana Housewares can be attributed to the strategic combination of a unique concept and design, product quality, brand messaging, and effective marketing. Ilana's existing audience, drawn to her authenticity and expertise, eagerly embraced the new venture and awaits new products from Ilana.

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