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Clinton Kane - Omnichannel Commerce

Clinton Kane is a fast-growing artist and songwriter from Australia. He has had numerous viral hits including his popular singles Chicken Tendies and I Guess I'm in Love, both of which charted on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Clinton takes a creative approach to his merchandise business. Working with his creative team, Mainfactor designed, developed and launched a new e-commerce shop, designed for Clinton's custom merch brand I'm Not Toxic I Swear. Utilizing this uniquely creative brand, Mainfactor built an omnichannel commerce approach for Clinton that continues to grow and thrive.

LA Apparel, Custom I'm Not Toxic Hoodie

Word Tour Tee Shirt


  • Create a custom-branded merch experience to engage Clinton's fanbase both on and offline
  • Create an omnichannel merch and e-commerce management system to centralize data and the analysis of Clinton’s growing merchandise business
  • Work with Clinton's design team to create unique merchandise pieces, available on a limited time basis to increase demand

I'm Not Toxic I Swear Custom Shopify Site
I'm Not Toxic I Swear Custom Shopify Site


  • New custom Shopify store, branded as I’m Not Toxic I Swear / Clinton Kane
  • High-end merchandise line on top-quality garments
  • Centralization of the tour, production, and e-commerce strategy through the core Mainfactor team
  • Worldwide logistics for tour and e-commerce production, marketing, and fulfillment


  • Successful merchandise launches around US, AU, UK, and EU tours
  • Continually growing e-commerce sales and fan engagement
Clinton Kane Limited Album Merch
Clinton Kane- Maybe Someday... Custom Journal

Check out Clinton Kane's I'm Not Toxic I Swear Line Here.

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