Unique and Bespoke Items for a Legendary DJ

Chris Lake / Black Book Records - Custom Merchandise Drops


Chris Lake is a legendary electronic music producer and DJ. He is a pioneer in the House and Electronic Dance Music genres, and is known for genre-defining music and epic performances. He has had multiple singles atop the Billboard dance charts, and is a major performer at the 2023 Coachella festival.

Chris Lake and his label, Black Book Records are also known for high quality and unique merchandise designs and items. Mainfactor signed Chris Lake and Black Book for e-commerce and merchandise in 2022 and immediately began working on a plan with his team to create new and interesting products and marketing strategies to drive merchandise sales and engagement.


  • Create limited edition and unique merchandise drops that are specific to moments-in-time, such as a single release or major event, to drive customer demand and engagement.

Chris Lake / Black Book Block Party Limited Edition Puffer Jacket
Custom Embroidery
Chris Lake / Black Book Records Unique Puff Print Tee Shirt on a High-End Custom-Labeled Garment


  • New high quality merchandise line around Chris Lake’s new single “In The Yuma.” This line included high quality, custom labeled garments, and unique graphic designs from Chris’ team. The line included a tee shirt and high-end hoodie.
  • New high quality merchandise drop to coincide with Chris Lake’s Block Party at the Midway in San Francisco. The merch drop included a custom winter puffer jacket with custom embroidery, and a high-end, custom labeled tee shirt garment with a unique puff-print (screen printing that puffs out and is raised on top of the garment).
  • Market the merchandise through Chris Lake’s social media channels with high quality graphic assets, and promote the items through his SMS list, email list, and his highly engaged Facebook group.
In The Yuma, Limited Flash Sale Hoodie "Concrete" Colored Private-Labeled Garment


  • The "In the Yuma" Drop was a 1-week flash sale pre-order. This was one of Chris’ most successful merchandise drops to date.
  • Released SF Midway show merch for the event, and made the stock available on Chris Lake’s e-commerce shop. The SF show was one of Chris’ best events for merch sales to date, and the jackets continue to sell regularly on his e-commerce store.

Check Out The Chris Lake / Black Book E-Commerce / Merch Shop Here

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