Creating a New Shopping Experience for Watch Lovers - Unifying Three Disparate Sites into a Streamlined Shopify Experience

Client Overview: Burdeens, a leading retailer in the watch industry, faced the challenge of managing three separate websites and stores, each catering to different product lines and consumers. This fragmented online presence posed challenges in terms of brand consistency, SEO optimization, and overall customer experience. To address these issues, Burdeens enlisted Mainfactor, a trusted partner in e-commerce solutions, to consolidate their digital presence into a cohesive and streamlined platform, and to help market and develop their e-commerce presence on an ongoing basis.


  1. Unified Brand Image: Develop a single, cohesive brand image that aligns with Burdeens' values and resonates with the target audience.
  2. Enhanced SEO Performance: Optimize the new site for search engines to improve visibility, organic traffic, and keyword rankings.
  3. Improved Customer Experience: Streamline the shopping process, enhance user navigation, and create a seamless, intuitive online shopping experience.
  4. Efficient Store Management: Simplify backend operations for the Burdeens team by centralizing product management, order processing, and inventory control within the Shopify platform, syncing with Burdeens' existing ERP and other systems.

Solution: Mainfactor embarked on a comprehensive redesign and migration process, consolidating Burdeens' three disparate sites into a unified and robust Shopify-powered e-commerce platform. The key steps included:

Custom Burdeens Site and Store on Shopify

Brand Strategy and Design:

  1. Conducted a thorough analysis of Burdeens' brand identity and values.
  2. Developed a unified design strategy that reflected the brand's essence across all product lines.
  3. Ensured consistent branding elements, such as logo, color palette, and typography.

Shopify Migration and Development:

  1. Migrated product catalogs, customer data, and order histories from the three existing sites to the new Shopify platform.
  2. Leveraged Shopify's advanced features to create a visually appealing and responsive website.
  3. Implemented e-commerce best practices for product categorization, navigation, and user flow.

SEO Optimization:

  1. Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to identify and address existing issues.
  2. Implemented on-page and technical SEO enhancements to improve the site's search engine visibility.
  3. Established a content strategy to regularly update product descriptions, blog content, and meta tags.

Customer Experience Enhancement:

  1. Designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance the overall shopping experience.
  2. Implemented features like personalized recommendations, and a simplified checkout process.
  3. Ensured mobile responsiveness for a seamless experience across devices.

Training and Support:

  1. Provided training sessions for the Burdeens team to efficiently manage the new Shopify platform.
  2. Offered ongoing support to address any post-launch issues and ensure the smooth operation of the e-commerce site.

Ongoing Marketing

  1. Burdeens retained Mainfactor to continue to manage Burdeen's marketing including paid Google Search, Shopping, and Social Media Advertising.  Since taking over the digitial marketing, Burdeens' revenue from digital ads has increased significantly.
  2. Burdeens has also continued to retain Mainfactor to manage Burdeens' ongoing Shopify and web development needs.

Results:The collaboration between Burdeens and Mainfactor resulted in a successful transformation of the online retail experience. Key outcomes included:

  1. Consistent Brand Image: Burdeens now presents a unified brand image across all product lines, reinforcing brand identity and recognition.
  2. SEO Success: The optimized site witnessed a significant improvement in search engine rankings, resulting in increased organic traffic and better visibility.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: The streamlined and user-friendly design, experience, and updated operations led to improved customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.
  4. Efficient Store Management: The Burdeens team experienced improved efficiency in managing products, processing orders, and monitoring inventory through the centralized Shopify platform.

Mainfactor's expertise in e-commerce solutions, operations, marketing, and Shopify development played a pivotal role in transforming Burdeens' online presence. The successful consolidation of three disparate sites into one unified platform not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned Burdeens for sustained growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape. This case study showcases Mainfactor's commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions that elevate brands in the digital realm.

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