Double Under Wonder Case Study

A D2C Business in Need of a Refresh


Double Under Wonder offered fun, customizable jump ropes for crossfit enthusiasts at an approachable price point with a mission of delivering customers the best rope possible to get the ultimate jump rope workout.

With the pandemic and the closures of gyms, more people were introduced to the benefits of jump rope workouts. Going beyond just crossfit athletes, new customers were finding Double Under Wonder and falling in love with their jump ropes. Unfortunately, the Double Under Wonder brand and website were not prepared to capitalize on the new surging demand, and needed both a technology, merchandising and design refresh. 

Our mandate for Double Under Wonder was clear: Expand the Double Under Wonder brand and product offering beyond a niche audience to anyone interested in fitness and the benefits of a jump rope in their workout, and modernize the website and expand distribution to elevate Double Under Wonder to a modern DTC brand. 

One HIIT Wonder, one of our new aluminum handle ropes

The Hotstepper, one our collaboration ropes made in partnership with UFC fighter Randy Brown


We set out to create a modern brand with a retro flare that built upon the existing Double Under Wonder logo and designs. We redesigned the website, logo and all marketing assets.

We introduced new jump rope handle designs to keep products fresh and current, and also introduced a higher quality handle for the more serious customer. We discontinued low-performing SKUs to keep the brand message clear and concise. 

To move quickly and keep costs manageable, we chose to use modern platforms for marketing and ecommerce, leveraging Shopify for the web store and Klaviyo for email and SMS marketing. 

Shopify allows seamless integration to social commerce, a key pillar of growth for DTC. While Klaviyo ensures marketing messages are targeting the right audience segment at the right time with relevant offers. 

Lastly, we made sure the products were everywhere our customers were by expanding our presence on Amazon, working with key creators on social media and investing in a robust affiliate marketing program.

The original Double Under Wonder logo

Updated and modernized Double Under Wonder logo



Shopify Redesign

Warehousing and Inventory System Update

Customer Service Overhaul

Product Design & Development

Email Marketing (Klayvio)

Paid Media / Performance Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Creator Partnerships

Amazon Marketplace


The final result is a fresh, elegant website and modern brand and offers a wide variety of quality products to expert and novice jump rope enthusiasts alike.

With the addition of new designs we saw the return customer rate increase YoY by 67% making up nearly a quarter of all sales. After adding more premium handles, we increased the Average Order Value by 44%. Amazon continues to grow as a new distribution channel beyond DTC. 

Our audience development tactics have grown the email marketing audience by thousands and have increased the affiliate marketing program by over 500% in a matter of months. 

Today Double Under Wonder is an approachable brand that delivers fun, quality products to an ever-growing audience.

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