Shopify Collabs Launch


Mike Fiebach

August 16, 2022

Following their acquisition and integration of Dovetale, Shopify just announced a new important functionality for creators, artists, brands, and entrepreneurs that operate and/or promote direct-to-consumer businesses: Shopify Collabs. Shopify, at its core, beyond being a robust commerce engine, is also a network of products, audiences, and brands. Shopify merchants are able to opt-in to programs that give them the ability to exchange data with Shopify and other merchants (also see Shopify Audiences). The intersection of the data and audience that lives within a Shopify store, and the data and audience associated with a social media creator, enables the possibility for success with Collabs. Shopify Collabs connects a creator with other merchants and products for the purpose of promoting products for an affiliate fee.

With Shopify collabs, a Creator can find and partner with Shopify-based businesses and products. Collabs requires an application to get started for both brands and creators. Once a creator is approved, they can browse through recommended shops and products from approved merchants. When a creator finds a product they believe they can successfully promote, they can submit to partner with the selected stores. Transactions driven through Collabs are tracked through LinkPop, and every sale generates a fee that is agreed upon between the creator and merchant. The inventory and sales flow directly into the merchant's Shopify account, and the affiliate fees are paid directly to the creator through Paypal.

Shopify Collabs is a powerful new tool that creates new earning potential for artists and creators, while opening up new revenue channels for D2C brands.

Apply for Shopify Collabs here.

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